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There is a wisdom says that “Charity begins Home!”

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Obviously, Somali people faced on war and hard life which carries misery emotions and problems for more than 25 years. The civil war created conflict between clans. Somali people formed different states. The clash hindered the infrastructure of basic services such as schools, hospitals and governmental rules. Somalis Diaspora has played an important role to improve their home regions and the whole country in order to fulfill the gap of educational needs and public services.


The purpose of the wisdom that is written above is telling us how important it is when someone is taking the responsibility of helping families and the community that lives in their original environment. As we know the knowledge is very important in human life. People without knowledge will be living in darks. Also, the ignorance people doubtless become enemies to one another because they missed the knowledge which they supposed to judge and balance on their life scale.


The first words that Allah Subxaanahu Watacaa ordered to his prophet Mohamed صلى الله عليه وسلم was to read. Allah Said: (إقرأ بإسم ربّك الذي خلق. خلق الإنسان من علق. إقرأ وربّك الإكرم. الذي علّم بالقلم. علّم الإنسان ما لم يعلم).  So brothers and sisters to learn something and to seek education is a required duty for human being’s life. After the prophet got the message of Allah Subxaanahu Watacaalaa and understood the purpose of life, which was to worship Allah Tacaalaa. Then Allah ordered him صلى الله عليه وسلم to pass the knowledge to his fellows by beginning with his family members and friends. Allah said: (وأنذر عشيرتك الأقربين. واخفض جناحك لمن اتّبعك من المؤمنين).  


       Badbado organization has taken the responsibility of teaching its people. They wanted to survive their country from illiteracy and poverty condition from Somali people. Badbaado team has focused on education side and they constructed and launched six primary schools in Dhalwa, Dumaye, Sheegow, Mubaarak known as (Buurjiriqo), Buur bishaaro and they  manage the Jowlo primary school. Each village has an average population of 2000 people. Furthermore, this organization sent thirteen students to Sudanese universities. Those students graduated from Mogdisho high schools and they wanted to continue their education until high level. Now the regions that Badbaado opened schools don’t have secondary schools. Lots of students are finishing primary level and they are suffering from lack of continuation of what started in few years. We are requesting from each and everyone to donate something so that Badbaado can continue its aim of helping their needed communities. Charity does not decrease wealth said our prophet Mohammed صلى الله عليه وسلم explained in his teachings.                  


               Education is not preparation for life, but education is life by itself…


Allah Tacaalaa said (لا خير في كثير من نجواهم إلامن امر بصدقة او معروف او إصلاح بين الناس ومن يفعل ذالك إبتغاء مرضات الله فسوف نؤتيه أجرا عظيما). “There is no good for their meetings of secret talks except who orders Sadaqah (charity, for the sake Allah), or Mac’ruf (Islam Monotheism and all the good and righteous deeds which Allah has ordained), or conciliation between mankind, and he who does this while seeking the good pleasure of Allah, we shall give him a great reward.


            Dear brothers and sisters as we know nowadays people come together and waste their time and money for unnecessary things which they may not benefit in the judgment day. For example, people pay money for celebrations, games or Olympics and meetings which they intend to talk and just have a fun time. Unfortunately, it makes the badbaado team feel sorry for those that Allah gave them wealth and they don’t have a little mercy for their poor people. Those are the people who operate their money in wrong ways.  Allah will ask everyone how he/she spent what he granted them in here after. For sure many people will regret from their time and money if they don’t repent from their sins, because Allah Tacaalaa told us in his Quran as the above verse mentioned.


            After death, the only thing that people wishes to do if Allah gives them a long life is; to give charities to the disadvantaged societies and to be a good person. Allah said: (وأنفقوا ممارزقناكم من قبل أن يأتي أحدكم الموت فيقول ربّ لولا أخّرتني إلى أجلٍ قريبٍ فأصدّق وأكن من الصالحين ، ولن يأخّر الله نفساً إذا جاء أجلها و الله خبير بما تعملون).  Indeed, when the life time of the soul (person) comes to the end, he/she will be postponed, and Allah knows what people are doing.


Please! Let us join in supporting our needed populations. Allah subxaanahu Watacalaa said while he was talking with his believers, (وتعاونوا على البرّ والتّقوى ولاتعاونوا على لاإثم والعدوان واتّقواالله إنّ الله شديد العقاب)“Collaborate on righteousness and faithfulness and do not cooperate in sin and aggression, fear Allah. Verily, Allahis severe in punishment.”


We are expecting our communities to unite and support this organization who succeed to operate these regions such as Jowle and Harardhere districts.


Brothers and sisters let us work together because in unity people can build a nation. We need you and we are saying Masha Allah jazaakumullahu khayran for the people who do more work for the organization.


                                       We shall win only by working together ……..


Please Contact us from one of these related Numbers or E-mails:


  1. Mogadishu: or +252618994080 Ismail Warsame (Chairman in Mogadishu Office)
  2. Nairobi: or +254702936115 Abukar Mohamud (Chief Executive Officer CEO)
  3. Cairo Egypt: or +201005517529 Hassan Shardi (Chairman in Cairo Office)






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